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Movie Summary
The Chronicles of Nihilum is a new series that will only feature very high quality movies as opposed to the normal Nihilum boss fight + music videos (not that we're going to stop making those!). However encounters that we feel have enough lore and 'epicness' to them will be picked for the new series (wru Arthas!)..

For the first installment in the series we've picked the very last boss encounter in The Burning Crusade, the demon sovereign Kil'jaeden. In the future we'll be much faster with the releases.

The Chronicles of Nihilum made by machinima director Chaosvex.

Thanks to the following:
Nihilum (In Game Footage)
SkyFall Studios (Voice Overs)
Monkey Wrench (For Hosting The Movie & Trailer)
Multiplay (For Hosting The Movie)
Simon Algehov (Poster Design)

Special thanks to Yannis Ziakas for the new Nihilum intro, some of you might remember him as the author of the Nihilum presents Ahn'Qiraj movie.

***** TRAILER *****

Official Release Post at

***** TRAILER *****

Statement from Chaosvex:

I've taken in a lot of the feedback that was given on my recently released trailer and have therefore decided to redo and sharpen up a lot of the scenes in the movie, in hopes of making it a better one for all who will see it.

This movie is much more than just Nihilum killing Kil'jaeden in PvE, it has several professional voice actors involved via SkyFall Studios, who by the way have done an amazing job with the voice overs. We've recorded a lot of the lines from the actual characters in order to retrofit them for the movie.

On top of that I've added a lot of lore into the movie in terms of the Sunwell, Kil'jaeden, and Arthas, viewers will get to know a lot about all three of them and why the Sunwell is so special. There are also cut-scenes in the actual PvE footage in order to make it a more cool experience.

I hope that I can finish it all up within the next days and we will release the movie as soon as we can, and I promise that next time we won't be this late with the movies, the whole process of getting so many people working together has taken a bit to sort out, being the first time I'm trying something this big.

Again, I hope you will accept my most sincere apologies for not making the release date today.

Read the full post here.

Drop by the forums at the Nihilum Community Website if you have any comments, suggestions or questions!

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