The Chronicles of Nihilum Kil'jaeden by nessaj
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Magtheridon ( Conviction )
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Movie Summary
The Chronicles of Nihilum is finally finished after what one might see as the longest delay ever. We never intended for the movie to be released this late and we promise that in the future it won't happen again.

To talk a little about the movie its a mix of lore, roleplaying, voice acting and in-game footage from the Kil'jaeden fight. We wanted to make something more than just a regular kill video, as we did with our old Illidan movie which had cut-scenes we made.

Many thanks to all who helped bring the movie forward, especially the fantastic voice actors from Skyfall Studios, Glenn "Caruu" Govan, Matt Greenburg and Melissa D. Johnson, whom you might know from other machinima projects on - Special thanks goes to Simon "Amiralen" Algehov who drew the poster.

Made and Directed by: Chaosvex
In-Game POV: Cloze (Rogue), Hybra (Shadow Priest), Kungen (Warrior)

Voice overs
Anveena: Mellissa D. Johnson
Arthas: Glenn "Caruu" Govan
Kil'jaeden: Glenn "Caruu" Govan
Narrator: Glenn "Caruu" Govan
Trailer narrator: Matt Greenburg


A: Everything just seemed to fail, countless of failed 24+ hour renders, seriously don't get us started! We've learned a lot though and in the future it won't happen again, we promise! We also understand that the movie will have far from the impact it could have had if we would had managed to release it earlier.

Q: Why did you re-record some voices?
A: We thought that KJ's voice didn't fit that well for our type of movie. For Anveena we wanted to rewrite one of her lines and in general we think that Melissa did an awesome job with her.

Q: The movie is pixelated!
A: We know, sorry, it's the best we could do. Hybra's fraps was so corrupted in one way or another that we had to do a lot of re-renders to save the project (original uncompressed fraps was deleted). We were close to canning the whole project at one point so we're really just happy that we managed to produce something worth releasing.

Q: There's a HK: PRIVATE in the boat scene!
A: Blame gimpy Alliance that didn't want to go away, took us ages to record the scenes properly so a lot of people gathered up to watch or interrupt.

Q: Anything to watch after the credits?
A: Yup, the one true King has a message for all you Northrend hungry explorers!

Q: Why did you drop the release contest?
A: Two things, the huge delay and we didn't feel that a WotLK beta key is a big deal anymore so we're going to use the prizes for other contests on - There's still an easter egg in the movie though!

Q: Where can I download a high-res version of the poster?
A: Stay tuned at the download section on there'll be a download up soon, the poster is around 200mb in high-res.

Drop by our forums at our Nihilum Community Website if you have any comments, suggestions or questions!

The Chronicles of Nihilum Kil'jaeden Poster

Soon available at as HD download (177mb) IRL poster size
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