Trakke 2: World PvP by Trakke
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Karazhan ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary

On request here is a world pvp/bg movie. imo it's not really exiting to watch neither it's competative. But that's maybe just me. Anyway i'm thinking of making an Arena Movie sometime "soon"

Movie Contains:

Engi Abuse
Mana Pot
World PvP/BG
Crits :/

Doesnt Contain:

Arena :(
Good Music (Since everyone's bitching about it)

I'm currently sitting on 2113 rating with a druid (real fun combo...NOT and hopefully i'll get my frikkin shoulder soon). And about then i will start record Arenas again with fun combos.

Ah well. Cya -.-'
Oh and yeah... Dont stream, download.

// rakke

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