2200+ Trakke: Druid/Hunter -> The Anti-Combos by Trakke
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Okey well Druid Hunter....I choose not to include any Druid/Warrior, Priest/Anything, Paladin/Anything coz its just...well easy.

Got to play with Clumzer who is an RL friend. I know the combo isnt the most fun combo to watch but i've included only what is seen as countercomps. We got the shoulders and reached a rating of 2211. Then we decided to drag another team up and the games are recorded between 2050-2200.


Mage/Rogue (Series: 1-0)
Shaman/Warrior (Series: 1-0)
Druid/Warlock (Series: 2-0)
DreamstateDruid/Mutirogue (Series: 3-0, stats fool you tho)

Team i didnt manage to get a fight vs was a Warlock/Rogue.

About the Warlock/Druid tho. The tacitc is working great. The reason i took the team with the s2 shoulders is because they were high rated and they provided the best fight. We met a lock/dru with s4 shoulders and the lock did the fancy "steal the trap" trick e.t.c but they were easier.

About the Druid/Rogue: People say dreamstate druids cant be oomed, ofc they can, just takes a tad longer. And mutilate rogue is a pain really but we use the same tactic vs Shadowstep and we are undeafeated vs Druid/Rogues. Shyman and his druid put up the best fight.

Shaman/Warrior is just nasty. Always is. Alltho with a good coordination you can kill the warrior.

The movie contains our tactics vs the Anticombos of the Druid/Hunter. Hopefully not to boring fights to watch.
Download the movie, hopefully worth it.

// Trakke aka Aeternum.
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