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Untouchable 2: 5-man Gruul
Rogue Tank Gaeowyn sets a new record with a 5-man Gruul kill. This video is partially dedicated to my guildmate Killsfercake, who is also untouchable... or so say the ladies!

Gaeowyn(Armory) Illidan US Realm
76.31% dodge
12.16% parry
14.16% to be missed
= 102.63% avoidance from physical attacks
My tanking gear:

Players involved in this kill:
Gaeowyn (Rogue)
Morlune (Paladin) [BoK]
Teknique (Shaman) [GoA]
Felibarr (Hunter) [Scorpid]
Tarranus (Druid) [Swarm, MOTW]

Interesting note: We discovered that Gruul's growth cap is 30; he remains at growth 30 for 5 minutes, after which he shrinks back to growth 1.

The kill took us 23 minutes 43 seconds of combat, but this video is compressed to fit the time frame of the song The Last Firstborn, by Celldweller.

(Btw, DST did drop; the warrior cameraman got it)

I learned a little bit more about editing for this movie, and hopefully the combination of animations, commentary, and jumps between different player perspectives will make this less boring than a standard "tank" video.

Thanks for watching, and please check out my first video if you haven't:
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Q. What's next?
A. I have plenty of footage from two Illidan kills I tanked, so that'll be next. I have a few ideas to continue the series, but nothing is final yet.

Q. Buff/Debuff list?
A. Grilled Mudfish, Scroll of Agility V, Elixir of Major Agility, Imp MOTW, Imp GoA, Blessing of Kings, NE Racial (1% dodge), Scorpid Sting, Insect Swarm, 5% base miss for a boss.

Q. Why can't you just solo this boss if you can't be hit?
A. The reason I can't be hit is because I stacked both my gear and my buffs for tons of agility which converts to dodge. I would not be unhittable without BoK from the paladin, imp GoA from the shaman, scorpid sting from the hunter, or imp motw and insect swarm from the druid. I technically have extra avoidance gear to just barely replace the druid, but the fight would last so long that my food buffs would expire and I can not reapply it during combat.

Q. Song?
A. Celldweller - The Last Firstborn.