Hurt -WoW music video by BB BuN
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Hi everyone! =) Read before watching!!!

This is a worcraft music video to the song 'Hurt' by Christina Aguilera. Unfortunately my computer didn't let me do it as good as I planned so I had to cut down on some things and minimize the quantity of characters in one shot...

But the story is the girl returns home when she finds her house abandoned and destroyed. She sees the toy on the table and the memories about the time when she was a little girl come back to her. She sees her as a child. Once her father (paladin and an officer) bought that toy for her but she got angry at him coz she wanted swords and shields but not sily dolls. She runs away and meets her friend. He suggests going hang out. When her father finds her in the company of 2 boys who are obsessed with the fights (like all boys) he punishes her and orders to go home. The girl feels very sad and anry coz she wanna fight, she wanna be a mage and surve the King. However whenever she tries to touch her father's swords he catches her and orders to leave this stupid idea of being a mage. When the girl grows up she faces same problems. Her dad is absolutely against her dream. She blames him in destrying her personality. One day she can't bear it anymore and leaves home. Her dad tries to stop her but she doesnt listen to him. After several years she when she has finally became a powerful mage, she got devoted into the Archnmage by the gihset and most powerful magician in Azeroth. The same evening he makes her a proposal and she agrees. Later she receives a letter where she's told that her father was killed on the battlefield. She is hurt because she didn't manage to see him lately and he doesn't know that she has finally made her dream come true. The wedding takes place. While moving towards her groom she feels as if she's the only in the church...she doesn't notice guests. When the priests aks her if she agrees to marry the guy, she pauses for a second feeling her dad's presence.. but her mind comes back to reality but she still feels that her dad is looking down upon her...and he sees her achievements...she feels sorry for blaming her dad,for being angry at him and she is sorry for the lost chance to talk to him...

I know there are some blundrers in editing but unfortunately I couldn't correct em when editing coz I don't see em int he preview form...and it took really much time to render it...
anyway I tried to show the atmoshpere and I hope you will like it =)
Please comment and rate!! =)
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