Argeln 2v2 2200+ by Arglen
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Argeln (rogue) and Cyciz (shadowpriest) 2v2 arena video. Few pointers:

- My spec: 17/44/0, Cyciz's spec: (27/2/32, mass dispel Shadow for 3v3 reasons). Cyciz's spec isn't optimal for 2v2 indeed, but we managed.

- This video contains only 2v2 fights, nothing else.

- The clips are from the first part of the season, e.g 1-2 months old. We ended at 2228 rating and rank 12-14 at that point. Cyciz had to stop playing at that point sadly.

- I apologise for the 1 second white/grey screen popups in the stage 6 stream. Probably some mishap when converting to divx.

I recommend you download it for best quality. If you do wish to stream, use filefront stream. It's better quality than stage 6.

- The fights shown are usually not our best, but I think it's more realistic to show those kind of fights. Sadly I never got to record all of our fights.

- Big thanks to battlegroup misery, in my eyes there are a lot of skilled players in there. The people in this video are all good players, imo.

I hope you enjoy this video of what is in my eyes one of the most fun setups I ever played. Rogue -Shadowpriest can kill anything and get killed by anything if you fuck up. Some of the teams we show in this movie have beaten us as well because of that.

This movie is a tribute to all those players and my partner Cyciz especially. I had the most fun ever playing 2v2 with him.

Music list:

- Hello zepp - Charlie Clouser
- Follow me - Breaking Benjamin
- Suffering - Soil
- Free the beast - Ivory
- The Rockafeller Skank - Fatboy Slim

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