Dahis 6: 2400+ BG9 Warrior PvP by Dahis
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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**With Filefront closed, Megaupload is the best host I could find. Please PM me if you know of anything better**


There are both a commentary and a standard version of this video. To a certain extent I edited this video with the commentary version in mind. While the normal version is probably more suited for multiple viewings, I strongly recommend the commentary version for your first.

Teams Featured:
-2400 Warrior/Pally leveled 1500-2400 in the 1.5 weeks before my subscription ended. I'll renew when I don't have to play Fury. Until then I'm playing alts.
-Former #1 US Warrior/Druid

Most of the Paladin/Warrior clips were recorded the last couple of days we queued arenas (3-4 weeks ago).

Fury is a retarded spec and playstyle, unfortunately.
The main intention of this video is to provide a bit of insight for Warriors that might be having trouble, so I've focused on important parts of each fight. Many of the fights in this vid started out at five+ minutes. I've edited them down a bit so I can fit a wider variety of opponents in. I've tried to make this video entertaining for everyone else as well, and hopefully I succeeded.

Next vid coming either when I have to grind gladiator or when Arms becomes viable, whichever comes first. I feel like I'm still getting better every week, so I'll keep playing until I run out of bad habits to fix.

I used slo-mo only for things that I thought some people might not notice, if I went overboard feel free to let me know 'cause I personally hate it.

Please download instead of stream, for obvious reasons. Thanks for watching!

Song list (in order)
Immediate Music- Redrum (no Vox)
DJ Lobsterdust- Time is off the Books
Crossfade- Already Gone
Ronald Jenkees- Halloween Remix
Ronald Jenkees- Nasty Nasty
Talib Kweli- Ms. Hill
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Step Right Up
Sevendust- Broken Down
Immediate Music- Hunt of the Hurons

My UI and macros can both be found at http://e-static.blogspot.com/. If you have any comments or questions, please stop by there.

P.S. After watching the commentary version I don't spend enough time talking about my Paladin. He had the class mostly mastered after about a week, making it the third or fourth he can play at 2200+ (and he plays Warrior almost identical to myself).

+Skill if you like it!
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