Dahis 9: 2850 Multicomp 3v3 Arenas by Dahis
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Sargeras ( Shadowburn )
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Edit: I'm in the process of trying to fix the contrast and reupload. . In the meantime, I STRONGLY recommend downloading the copy from Megaupload. Sorry for the inconvenience.

UI NOTE: My party frames are on the right side of my screen, and my colors are basically inverted (black=health, red=missing health). Sorry if that's confusing, I promise to change it next time!

In my opinion, this is my best video. I really had a hard time deciding on the order of clips and I had a lot to work with, so some of the (arguably) best matches don't even show up until a good 10 minutes in.

I went with my standard "highlight style" intro, but most of the best highlights are featured in the actual matches so I'm not really sure why I bothered :).

Comps played:
Warrior/Priest/Druid at ~2810 rating (#1 worldwide at the time)
Warrior/Lock/Druid with Leafs and Jackzter at ~2850 rating. Also played some games with Velsus/Jackzter.
Warrior/Moonkin/Paladin with Leafs and Palantis at ~2700 rating
Warrior/Mage/Druid at ~2700 rating (#1 worldwide at the time)
Warrior/Priest 2v2 highlights ~2600 (#2 worldwide at the time)
-Rankings are comp-specific, obviously.

I've added just a few text notes to point out things that are easy to miss (especially for people who don't play Warrior).

Track List:
Blue Stahli- 14 East
Dub FX-Made
Dub FX-Love Someone
Sketch-Dubbin' Home
Mt. Eden- Let Go
Dub FX- Love Me Or Not
JNo- Moonlight Marathon

I've put a bit of original music in here and provided a link to some more (although I'm still in the process of uploading a few things). It's all still a tremendous work in progres, but I gotta 'start somewhere!

Thanks for watching!

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