Dahis - Last Breath Top 5 Warrior PvP by Dahis
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Stage6: http://stage6.divx.com/user/Dahis/video/1859305/


Go no further if you have a problem with Gnomes, Dahis, model changing, engineering, or the other necessities of life. You can say what you want about model swapping, but I wouldn't have managed to play even long enough to make this video if I was always looking at a Gnome. Similarly, engineering makes this game fun. Most of the times I'm spamming grenades or poultryizer they're not even necessary to win, but it allows me to play with more of a control/finesse style than is normally possible for a Warrior.

Please either download or stream the Stage 6 version. Filefront stream quality ruins videos and kills babies people, it really does.

Other Notes
-I've been top 5 in all brackets at least once (thus the name). I don't think it really means anything except that I know there's going to be some snobby bastards out there who won't DL a vid without arena credentials... shame on you.

-That said, though this video has clips from two different seasons, I really only had 3-4 nights to seriously film. I was hoping to collect footage (+arenas!) after transferring to Tich and joining Rag Dolled, but I was forced to quit the game due to family illness and so aside from the footage I collected dueling and farming honor the only arena fight in this vid is just me and Minti screwing around as Warrior/Rogue in 2v2 (we got to 2120 in one night before I went to sleep).

-I play at 300-350 ping for 95% of this video.

-The widescreen opening of each song is a nod to Shurrik's dueling video. It was a great vid and I like the focus you get from cutting away the superfluous UI.

-This video is meant to be entertaining. I chose a lot of clips based on the play, but a lot of stuff is in this video purely because I think it's interesting or funny. Don't take everything as 100% serious because that's not how it's meant to be.

Note: All of the players I duel in this vid are more than capable of beating me. I chose the fights that made me smile but I also have a few others if anyone wants raw footage.

In the case of Ultimus... because he trinkets Intercept (which I encourage), I could almost trivialize the fight with a Fear-> bandage. However, that's lame and I always like things to be worst-case scenario (+hate giving racial advantages) so I just treat him like he's Undead.

In the duels v. Chadwick, we were both just messing around in Blade's Edge on the 2.1 PTR testing the new Spell Reflect (right after it came off global). Fun stuff.

P.S. I will get more mirrors up ASAP, including a HQ version for download.

The last song in this video is written/recorded by me on my awesome $10 computer mic. It's purely acoustic and thus not your normal WoW fare, but if you like it or the video as a whole please check out my musician's myspace page at www.myspace.com/juliannolen. I always try to create a soundtrack with a ton of variety, so it fits into my theme in that respect. Yes, I am in fact leeching publicity off of a WoW video... I am just that awesome.

Worldofming post if you really want more info: http://www.gameriot.com/blogs/World-of-Ming/Dahis-5-Video-Im-Stealing-Mings-Blog/.
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