The Six Million Dollar Cat by Deep
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ner'zhul ( Bloodlust )
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Deep's Arena Team 1
Deep Mhanaburn Trukilla
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Made during the first week of patch 3.2.2 this video features world pvp, battlegrounds, and 3v3 arenas from a feral druid PoV.

What to expect:
- Incredibly overpowered instant cast cyclones and healing touches.
- World PvP in Ironforge against terrible players.
- 2v1 and 3v1 in battlegrounds against horribly under-geared players.
- 3v3 arenas at 2400 rating.
- Commentary during said arena games.

What not to expect:
- Flawless playing. Mistakes are made, this was filmed in about 5 days.
- Lots of editing once the in game footage starts.
- Excessive use of zoom/pan/slowmo.
- Music that you like.

To clarify a couple things:
1. I am mangle specced. I don't use shred because I'm not specced into it. Mangle provides more CP generation without the hassle of shred requirements which means more finishing moves which means more instant casts. Mangle spec is something I specifically wanted to try for this patch and it is working out pretty well so far.

2. There are a few moments in the video where I *gasp* use the "S" key. This may offend to you to your very core, but it's not used improperly. When you play a class with high dodge and you are up against a melee class, backpedaling will make it easier to dodge. I don't backpedal to get anywhere, I do it to dodge more. I know you are thinking just strafe and you can still dodge, but putting your side to them makes it easier for them to get behind you, especially if you are snared.
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