Deep Feral 5 by Deep
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Ner'zhul ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
This is the 5th feral druid PvP video in the Deep Feral series. This video has 3 main parts, 2v2 arenas, 3v3 arenas, and battlegrounds/world pvp.

EDIT: Something is weird with the links to filefront, you can download both versions of the video at

The main version is set to music, the commentary version has the music turned down and a voice over explaining some of the strategies and techniques used. Both version are encoded with the xvid codec.

My main goal with this video is to show what feral druids are capable of in end game pvp. Being in the Bloodlust battlegroup (US region) gives me a great opportunity to face off against some of the best teams in the world. For those that don�t know, this battlegroup (aka bg9) is the most competitive battlegroup in the US region with teams like Pandemic, MoB Turtle Force, Check-Six, and Insurrection to name a few all competing against one another.

2v2 Matches
My 2v2 team (Boolak) consists of myself (feral druid), Trukilla (rogue), and we recently added Bakatora (warrior).

There are 3 fights featured in this video, the first being against Arcan and Clicker (warrior/pally) of �SCRUB EXPRESS�. As of writing this they are 3rd in the 2v2 ladder and have a 2355 rating. We don�t usually win against this team because most teams with warriors give us a hard time, but we pulled it off in this one and I wanted to show what it takes to win in this situation.

The next team we face is Xecks (aka Zecks of MoB gaming) and Secretive (rogue/druid). Bakatora is my partner in this one and we beat them fairly easily. These first two fights are back to back to show how hard it is for rogue teams to deal with warrior teams in 2v2s.

The final team we face is Sushl and Aonimaebrae (warlock/pally) of �Nerf Ret� (2109 rating). The point of this match is to show how a feral druid can effectively switch roles between dps and healing.

3v3 Matches
My 3v3 roster consists of myself and Trukilla, but we add in Kraj (resto shaman) for the 3rd slot. There are also 3 fights featured for the 3v3s section of this video.

The first fight is against Pandemic�s Kinttlol, Nitrana, and Ecilam (priest/rogue/mage) of �pinecone has no drake�, they have a 2402 rating.

The second fight is against Insurrection�s Azurewrath, Caal, and Karidhra (mage/druid/rogue) of �Bursted� who have a 2344 rating.

As a side note, these first two teams competed with each other in the final round of WSVG Dallas, go to for details.

The final team we face is the same warrior and pally featured in 2v2s, Arcan and Clicker, with an elemental shaman added to the group. This 3v3 team is Killmaster X, who have a 2192 rating, has taken more points from us than any other team due to every member of the team wearing heavy armor. This negates the burst damage we rely on and is very difficult to overcome.

Battlegrounds/World PvP
This section of the video shows 2v1 fights, high crits, and all the good stuff you expect from a PvP video. Don�t expect to see world class opponents here, the main goal was to show how fun a feral can be while running around ganking and just beating people up..
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