Free To Roam by Silh
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One more druid video... but not quite like my old ones...

This video was created for a number of different reasons. One was to give a tribute to the old night elf druid cat form model, which despite it's low polygon count and texture resolution, I preferred over the new look. But mainly, this was very much an excuse to take a bunch of favourite songs, mix them together, and put some scenery to it.

So, if you do not like symphonic soundtrack music, cats (especially the old night elf cat form), or Azeroth forest scenery... this movie is not for you!

The majority of the piece was filmed the very last day before the patch that introduced the new cat form models was released, so there was no going back and reshooting scenes or adding new cuts. I fully realize the pacing could be much better, and some shots drag on for way too long. Since I was starting from the music as the template and not the other way around though, there was only so much I could manage. Many apologies for the overuse of first person shots!

Probably the largest part of the work was on the music, some pieces of which I've only used seconds of, others longer excerpts, but most have been cut and spliced to try to make the music fit the time available, while keeping the original musicality (if every piece was used full length, there'd be almost 40 minutes of music in total). The only song which appears unedited in its entirety is the credits music.

If anybody knows the source music, feel free to try to pick out where the edits are :P.

Additional Note:
Use the FileFront download link if you want to snag the HD version. (Don't watch the FileFront stream, the quality isn't to great on it).
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