I am a Druid by Silh
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
After delays and such, I've finally managed to finish up my PvP video for release. At first it was a 1.8 release date, then 1 year of WoW mark, then Christmas, then 1 year at L60, then... well you get the picture. But due to having promised a number of people that it would be finished, so here it is.

With each passing mark, the druid class has changed, whether in skillset, or gear availability, and as I considered what exactly the point of the video would be. It was intended as just another fun PvP video... but for what purpose? To show that I own (which I don't)? To show that druids own (not exactly)? To show off the druid? No, the whole point of the video, like my previous one, would be to SHOW the druid, its quirks and all.

Thus this has become more of an artistic venture. If you're looking for the biggest crits, fights against the best opponents, or whatnot, you probably won't find them here. I've tried to portray the evolution of the druid class, or at least the story of this druid, from humble beginnings as a low DPS machine in blues (don't think I had any greens) to the decently geared druid today... and the whole point of why I play the druid: it's fun! So please excuse the excessive druid pride in the intro sequence, it's meant as a jab against the whiners...

Editing-wise... no fancy effects. Footage is in roughly chronological order, but has been rearranged somewhat to better fit the mood of the music. Probably the hardest job was to try to make the music and footage match, which required figuring out where to make the cuts in the video as well as cutting and splicing the music in spots... I hope the seams are not audible, though people who know the songs well may be able to tell where the edits happened.

So, I present to you, 'I Am A Druid'..
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