We Will Run by Silh
Class: Druid | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Kel'Thuzad ( Nightfall )
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Movie Summary
Well, here I am, back with another video. Though at a release rate of about one video per year, I won't be breaking any records any time soon.

I tend not to make videos just for the heck of it or to show things off; usually there's a message of some sorts I try to convey.

In the early days, druids were by far the least popular class. Druids had their share of problems, and cries of, "Druids suck!" were not uncommonly heard, but I loved the way druids played despite the problems, so I made the "We've Got Everything You Need" music video, as a hopefully inspirational piece.

Along came patch 1.8, and a lot of major changes. And along came the cries of "I'm feral, I don't heal." and the like. So, with the PvP footage that had been collecting for a year, I put together "I Am A Druid", giving a bit of a historical overview of the druid class, and as a bit of druid pride in being a class that has a bit of everything.

The Burning Crusade is released, which further exacerbates the specialization issue. I stuck with my feral preferences, but was disappointed at the continual pigeonholing of the class... PvE, go feral since you have to tank; PvP, go resto since all healing classes are not allowed to do anything but heal in arenas. Oh, and if you want to do any significant DPS in late endgame raiding, you'll want to be moonkin, but since nobody knows what a moonkin is anyhow, you probably won't get a raid spot...

Hence the creation of this video, another music video sort of in the style of "We've Got Everything You Need."

I chose to present the PvP/arena side more here, as I don't really raid anymore. Having a limited amount of time to fit everything in with the music, the choice of PvP clips was not the greatest (17.5 seconds, woooo), but I hope the message is still there.

And apologies for the video quality; it's the same computer I made my first video on years ago...

P.S. For the Filefront mirror, click 'Download'; the stream really doesn't do it justice!.
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