Bloodscalp Legends by Florra the Explora
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Movie Summary
At last! After nearly 4 long years the day has come!

In a world where cows are treated like shit, two nefarious brothers with an evil scheme plot to slaughter the meat off the entire Tauren race. Itís now up to two unlikely heroes to go on an epic journey to save cow-kind before itís too lateÖ Join Linga (a tauren with a dead dad) and Florra (a sultry undead vixen with an appetite for Tauren hotdogs) on the adventure of a lifetime as they battle poachers, pirates, pimps, and the law in the most exciting tale ever told in the land of Bloodscalp.

-66 Minutes of Delight
-A completely original storyline
-Full voice over and subtitles
-Awesome sound track that didnít come from the Dark Knight or anime LoLz
- Based on a true story. Possibly. Well, probably not.
-Better than any wow movie youíve ever seen (Not guaranteed in the slightest)
-Filmed primarily on live servers
-Cool WoW Model Viewer scenes too!

If you are a huge lore nerd, to better enjoy this movie, try to not think about Blizzards lore while you are watching this video. It really doesnít come into play. Think of this movie as its own story entirely. A parallel dimension of Azeroth, if you will, where the storylines and facts you think you know donít actually come into play or matter and the Horde and Alliance are practically neutral factions that donít really care about each other.

This movie was not filmed at 1650x1050 in 1080p, or anything close to that. Production on this movie began 4 years ago. As such I am using settings and resolutions from that time, a time when I knew nothing about rendering, video editing, or much about anything to be honest. Regardless of this fact, I donít think the slight loss of quality caused by this will take away from the movies enjoyment or spirit.

This movie has nothing to do with the Bloodscalp trolls. Itís a Legend told in the world of Bloodscalp. And for the record, other than the title, Bloodscalp Legends really has nothing to do with its namesake server so your enjoyment wonít be compromised. I PROMISE.

We hope you enjoy it!

Florra the Explora
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