Wrath of the Alliance by Florra the Explora
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stormreaver ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Either youíre a brave soldier of the Alliance here to see how itís done and learn a thing or two about the battlefield, or youíre a part of the Horde scum that will soon be eradicated in this video, either way this video is the world PVP adventure of a lifetime following Florra the Draenei, well-known and infamously feared Commander of the Alliance in many lands.

What to expect:
A storyline with PVP
Footage synced to music
World PVP
Funny and Stupid clips and adventures
Not a Gladiator arena video
A Bunch of RPing manginas
Me and Sorille laughing at people
Some questionable moments.
An outtakes section longer than the movie itself. JK. But its pretty long.

One last thing before I let you all enjoy the shit out of this, if in the course of watching this video you suddenly get it in your head that youíre a better warrior than me and wish to speak about it, well Iíve got sad news for you Jack, that is for God himself to decide, for if you dare cross my path I will lay your soul to rest like so many brave Horde before you. Donít forget, when you see me charging down the road with flames shooting out of me every which way that you are now face to face with the muscle of a 1500 rated 2ís team forged in utter victory.

This video is dedicated to the memory of all the lost souls of the Alliance, cut down in their prime by the villainous Horde. Rest in pieces soldiers.


Commander of the Alliance

PS This video is seriously stupid and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.
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