Addiction by Florra the Explora
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Movie Summary
This film was created as a final project for a writing class at my university and was completed over the course of about 4 days. Addiction takes place in vanilla WoW, when raiding was king, and the time commitment required to be a successful raider was very different than it is today.

While the topic of game addiction is nothing new, and Iím not trying to explode anyoneís minds here, it is a different side of a story I have wanted to tell for awhile; How an MMO can become addictive not just from the fun of the game itself, but through the friendships we form within the game, and the peer pressure and commitment a player often feels towards those friends. That being said, the story follows a young man, Vincent, as he struggles to balance the real life he hates with the game he loves and all the hardships that entails.

Note on Theme:
I was a little hesitant to post this video here as I wasnít sure how the reception of it would be. Just to make it absolutely clear, this film isnít looking down on WoW or WoW players in any way. I love this game and itís community and have played since release, and while this movie isnít based on a true story, it certainly does contain elements of truth that I think a lot of us can agree on.

Note on Visuals:
Some of you will likely notice small details that go against the story, guild names donít match up, that ability didnít exist in Vanilla, Ragnaros loot isnít luscious, etc: Try to ignore it if you can. I used a lot of old footage I had from long ago in the making of this film, and since this movie was originally created for and viewed by people who were overwhelmingly NOT WoW Players, they are things they didnít notice or care about, and hopefully you wonít care about either!

With that being said, this was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy it!
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