Drinkin' and Daggerin' by Midvale
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Echo Isles ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
Hello and Good Morning, Afternoon, or Night depending on your timezone and or planet of living. My name is Midvale, and this is my first WCM Movie.

I started recording this Movie around the middle of October, running around Stormwind every few nights and such, casually taking my time. My server Echo Isles is a PvE server which made getting these
clips extremely difficult, as I did not get the opener most of the time. I also cut out some stuff from clips that I thought was boring so I could keep a fast pace and fit more stuff in, due to prot classes making it less fun for me ):

I ganked mostly in Stormwind and Ironforge because it's pretty impossible to do it anywhere else in Cataclysm on a PvE server that isn't Tol Barad.

This video is for entertainment only. There are notable mistakes.


What to expect:
-World PvP (Mostly Cities)
-Simple Editing

What not to expect:
-Jacked up Skillm0de


Here's the songlist, they're also listed as they come up in the movie, sometimes.

George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Bad to the Bone (Intro)
Gamma Ray - Eagle
No Mercy - Where Do You Go
Machinae Supremacy - Gimme More
Shout Out Louds - Fall Harder
Final Fantasy IX OST - Loss of Me (Credits)


Have fun!
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