Midvale 4 Trailer by Midvale
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Vashj ( Whirlwind )
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Hi WCM! It's been a while!

I said I would make a new movie, so here's the trailer for it. Originally there wasn't going to be a trailer, but I think it will be a big enough video to warrant one.

As it stands now the movie is 50% done.
I'm hoping for less of a wait versus when I made a trailer last time.

What will be featured?
-World PvP
-Battlegrounds PvP
-Duels vs Varick (Subtlety Rogue)
-Better Editing (I think)
-Mutilate Spec
-Old Models

I've recently started idling in the empty WarcraftMovies IRC during the nights and on weekends. I think it would be neat if people used it more, so by all means drop on by if you want to chat about random stuff. It would be awesome to see the community in more than just video comments.

Use an IRC client (mIRC, Hexchat, etc.) and go #WarcraftMovies on @Quakenet
or just join the #WarcraftMovies channel here: https://webchat.quakenet.org/

Music used is Torao - Nowhere Living Now from Hamatora before someone asks.

Have fun!
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