Midvale 3 - Infinite Insanity by Midvale
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Vashj ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary

Hey! I'm back! If you don't know who I am (many don't) my name is Midvale and this is my third Rogue movie!

After my second video I really wanted to make my third as soon as I could into Mists of Pandaria, but it turns out I didn't have much fun with the game at that time. The PvP was unbalanced as heck and the expansion really wasn't enjoyable. Over the months this video would keep pushing me to film it. More months went by and I finally cracked and came back to play.

Anyways, let's get to it:

What's in this video?
-World PvP
-Battlegrounds PvP
-Duels vs. Screben (Frost Mage)
-Comedic and Fun Clips (well, I try to be funny that is)
-Mutilate Spec
-Improved Editing and Render Settings
-Rock/Metal/Other Music

What's not in this video?
-Rated Battlegrounds
-Perfect Gameplay
-SICK GIVEAWAYS for things you never actually needed
-Sweet PvE Gear

The soundtrack can be found at the end of the movie.

You might've noticed I leave a "have fun" at the end of my movies. These words have stuck with me since the day I started making movies, and I want to pass them over to you:

Don't just have fun watching my movie, have fun with everything you do. Take these words with you and dare to be different, because when I look at the community now there isn't that much left. Honestly. If you don't like what the game has become, try making something out of nothing instead of being dragged down in the dirt. There's always something there if YOU want to make it the game that YOU want to play.

Looking ahead, this may be the last video you see from me for a while. I'm absolutely finished with Mists of Pandaria, but Warlords of Draenor looks extremely fun so i'm likely going to make another movie in the next expansion. I want to thank WarcraftMovies for still being the place where I can come to kickback and relax, and I want to give another special thanks to Varick for being such a great guy for supporting me while I filmed the majority of my clips.

If you've finished watching and still want some more, consider clicking on my older movies or hop over to my youtube. I'm not going to ask you to subscribe, but I do have some clips (and extras from this movie) that I haven't shown on WCM.

So as always, have fun!
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