Midvale 4 - Electric Eternity by Midvale
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Vashj ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary

Hey WCM. Welcome to what's (probably) my final WoW movie.

If you've never seen one of my videos before, you might be in for something neat!

The machinima featured is a continuation of the machinima in my last movie. Again with no voice acting, since I like setting an example that you can make something more than 'lol I died and I rose up as an undead' if having to find voice actors is a turn off for you. If machinima doesn't interest you, feel free to skip past it.

The Rogue duels are Mutilate vs. Sub, we picked talents like Shadowstep and Death From Above/Venom Rush because this keeps the duels fast paced and makes abilities like Sprint and Cloak much more valuable in keeping alive.

What's in this video?
-World PvP
-Battlegrounds PvP
-Duels vs. Varick (Subtlety Rogue)
-Mutilate Spec
-Engineering Abuse
-Some fun junk
-Rock/Metal/Whatever music

What's not in this video?
-Rated Battlegrounds
-Perfect Gameplay
-Clips taken from a Twitch recording

You can find the soundtrack in the credits. They also show up in the video during the main PvP parts.

I rendered the stream version to 1600x900, there's a 1080p download labeled High Quality for the people that want it. I highly recommend it.

I'll post the rest of my junk clips on my youtube later as an outtakes video. You don't have to subscribe, but check it out if you're itching for more after you've finished watching.


Have fun!

P.S. Go watch Varick 6 here
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