Scarlet - Wow Machinima by Chriskon
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Thanks to Cutiepie for helping me export models into 3ds max, and answering my nooby 3ds max questions!

► Wow Machinima about a warrior named Liard◄

Notable characters: (Original characters used in my videos)
► Liard - Worgen Warrior
► Draisho - Orc Death Knight
► Arice - Undead Monk
► Evelesa - Human Priest
► Eux - Belf Death Knight
► Rochev - Belf Hunter

Note -
All my videos are original stories. Some may follow parts of lore and/or the wow timeline, however the videos don't stay 100% true to lore. Some stories are also cut down to fit the songs length and may therefore be a bit confusing at times. Read below for a full description of the story.

Timeline for my story progression wow machinimas. (Watch order is first to last)
Scarlet ►
Leaving tonight ►
Breath ►
So cold ►
Already over ►
Mirrors ►

Other work by me that includes characters from this story
Breath ►
Leaving tonight ►


� Story description �

Liard is a power hungry outcast who has troughout his life looked for ways to become immortal. He however met a gorgeous gilnean woman whom he fell in love with. Slowly the woman became older, and Liard realised that if he also wanted to live for long he would have to do something about it.

After burning down his home with his lover in it, he felt like his past was finally erased. Knowing that the Scarlet Crusade had slowly gone into the shadows, and been corrupted from the inside, he went to use them for his own plans. Pretending to be one of them, he managed to build a relationship with a priestess who had recently lost a close friend to the undead forces. She fell in love with him, and eventually wanted to help him in his quest without completly realising just what he was up to.
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