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► Wow Machinima about a Paladin named Avenier ◄

Notable characters: (Original characters used in my videos)
► Zatera - High Elf Mage

Note -
All my videos are original stories. Some may follow parts of lore and/or the wow timeline, however the videos don't stay 100% true to lore. Some stories are also cut down to fit the songs length and may therefore be a bit confusing at times. Read below for a full description of the story.

Timeline for my story progression wow machinimas. (Watch order is first to last)
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Other work by me that includes characters from this story
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� Story description �

After months of mourning, Avenier finally visits the grave of his deceased lover. Much to his awe and bewilderment, the rune on his shield that Zatera had infused with a piece of her being many years ago, began to glow brightly. Her spirit is then revealed, and together they visit old memories finally making Avenier able to move on knowing that she is in fact watching over him.

Note: that Avenier is shown in his paladin gear, which he does not get until after the happenings in my Mirrors machinima. (You can find a link above)

� Memory description �

The memories show different moments during the the last weeks of Zateras life. She is busy studying as usually hence why she points at the clock, and falls asleep at her desk. The memories then jumps to the hours before the purge of Dalaran. during the day Zatera is told by a Silver Covenant that Jaina might be throwing both the Horde and Sunreavers into the Violet Citadel. She doesnt believe what the high elf says though, and so at night she is quite surprised when she sees the Silver Covenant purging the city, and killing civilians that try to fight back. She ends up teleporting Avenier out of the city while in his sleep. She is then killed.

� What was the purge of Dalaran? �
The Purge of Dalaran was a civil war within the Kirin Tor. Upon discovering that Kirin Tor resources were used in the Horde's theft of the Divine Bell, Lady Jaina Proudmoore accused Archmage Aethas Sunreaver of treason, and banished the entire Sunreaver organization from Dalaran. Jaina imprisoned Aethas in the Violet Citadel, and mobilized the Silver Covenant under the command of Vereesa Windrunner to deal with any Sunreavers who refused to surrender.

Purge of Dalaran -
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