The Man I Am - Wow Machinima by Chriskon
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► Wow Machinima about a Warlock named Laze◄

Notable characters: (Original characters used in my videos)
► Laze - Blood Elf Warlock
► Rochev - High Elf Hunter

Note -
All my videos are original stories. Some may follow parts of lore and/or the wow timeline, however the videos don't stay 100% true to lore. Some stories are also cut down to fit the songs length and may therefore be a bit confusing at times. Read below for a full description of the story.

Timeline for my story progression wow machinimas. (Watch order is first to last)
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Already Over ►
So Cold ►
Mirrors ►
The Man I Am ►

Other work by me that includes characters from this story
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� Story description �
As a child without parents, Laze had been frozen out by his fellow students in early age. However, one day this all turned around, when a young girl named Rochev befriended him. Over time, they sticked together as best friends, but slowly he started gaining romantic feelings for her. This was however a one sided love, and when reaching adulthood, she had become pregnant with her first love. Laze then decided to keep hiding his feelings for her.

This all turned around, when the scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas happened. 90% of the population living there was killed, including Rochevs lover. Rochev herself, and the baby were close to death, but barely saved by Laze.

Days passed, and it was then known that those who didnt agree with Lor'themar Theron's decition of rebuilding the city with fel magic, had to leave the city. Due to her conservative upbringing, Rochev decided to leave, wanting to bring Laze with her. He had however eagerly embraced the fel, wanting to become strong trough demonology. She then left him to his own, and left her baby with a family staying in Quel'Thalas

Years later, Laze finds out through a magical orb that Rochev has been murdered. He then set out to find a demon (Which can be seen in my ''So cold'' Video) whom he uses to ressurrect her.
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