Laerezh 6 - Harvest by Laerezh
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone!

After almost two months of hard work it is finally there : Laerezh 6 - Harvest! As usual I tried to improve my movie quality and make it way better than the last one (which had 58k views on WCM, it is awesome and I want to thanks all of you for this, really) and you will tell me if I'm wrong but it looks like this one is better.

What to expect in this movie?

- Metal soundtrack. Yo I'm a warrior, I won't kill people on a Katy Perry's song. Kek

- Intense fights against one, two or even three opponents!

- BGs wreckage

- Improved story part, more immersive and interesting (I hope)

- Some nice actions that I didn't put in evidence on the movie (like the Mind Bomb's reflect, Remorsless' Winter's stun reflect etc), it's up to you to find them ;)

- Improved use of video effects (sometimes pairing with soundtrack, sometimes with actions, sometimes both)

- A quick overview about what will go on in L�erezh 7. I am already on it ;)

Some things to know:

- The plot about this movie is that L�erezh was on her way to get back to Skyhold to get her reward for purging the world, but she found a weapon. A powerful weapon. It granted her visions from her upcoming actions and then whispered her "Kill them all", that was how the Soul Harvest began.

- Since I'm using Kiljaeden's Burning Wish in WPvP, I tried to fight against 2 or 3 opponents at the same time with almost the same gear than me to make it more intense. Since I'm 920 ilvl right now it's pretty hard to find worth opponents so do not blame me because people I was facing were maybe like 910 or 915 ilvl.

- I tried to add BGs wreckage to this movie because it looks really entertaining (as usual, tell me if I'm wrong), especially the Eye of the Storm part. Hope you will enjoy it.

- About the last duel part, I wanted to find Laerezh to die in a logic way. Since she was supposed to be an insanely powerful warrior, I wanted her to die trying to accomplish her objective: gathering souls for her new weapon. But she failed and was killed by someone more powerful than her. Killed... Or not.

Please feel free to tell me what you think about this movie.

Thanks to all of you for your support
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