Laerezh 8 - Death Grip by Laerezh
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I'm back! I swear, the next movie won't take 8 months to be released. Also, I'm sorry about the very beginning of the movie, quality isn't as good as I expected it to be.

So, here is the plot this time:

At the end of Inquisition, Laerezh died. This movie starts with a quick flashback about what happened, and how she has obviously been revived: by Nightbornes arcanists channeling the Nightwell's power into her.
It changed her appearance and this is why she is no longer a Blood Elf but a Nightborne instead. (Yup, this is how I justify my race change in a RP way kek)

The very end of the movie is an introduction to what happened after a revenge against the Alliance: she infiltrated Stormwind, helped Tal'anji and Zul to escape and have been named Speaker of the Horde by Rastakan. So, the event following this one will take place in Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

The next movie will be in Zandalar, but I will try to include something in it about War of Thorns and Undercity's fall. Alliance players, be warned!


Persecution by The Secession
Unfamiliar by Polaris
Narrow Escape by Celldweller
Celestial Furnace by Disarmonia Mundi
Legends Never Die by Riot Games

Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it
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