Laerezh 7 - Inquisition by Laerezh
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Movie Summary
What to expect?

A few teamfights
1v1 / 1v2 / 2v5 and more!
World PvP and Bg content only
Metal music, as usual because I'm a warrior
Maybe some nice effects or sequences? I don't know, tell me.

Plot :

In Laerezh 6, she died after harvesting many souls from her foes then has been revived once more by Odyn. But he was angry about her, so he sentenced her to purge Argus in his name. So, here she is, mainly killing Shadow Priests, Warlocks, Demon Hunters or even Rogues because of their dark magic practices.

But since it was a death sentence, obviously, she died. And a few months after her death, a terrible battle started in Lordaeron between Sylvanas' Horde and Anduin's Alliance. Will Laerezh be revived and push Alliance back from Lordaeron? Who knows?


After about 3 months, I finally found some interesting things to do with Legion and 7.3. That was hard, really really hard because there's almost NO Alliance players at all on my realm. Also, for the first time in more than 12 years of World of Warcraft I find this game way less entertaining than ever. It won't last, but that made this movie really hard to record. I also wanted to wait for Blizzcon 2017 to release this movie since I wanted it to end in a logical way for upcoming events in WoW. So here it is, maybe not perfect but I really enjoyed making it no matter how much hours it took me.

Finally, I want you guys to know that I wanted to try to put official WoW cinematics in this movie to make it more immersive with more a more story-based way to do as some of you asked me to do a few months ago. I didn't put the whole cinematics in the movie either.

I really hope that you will enjoy Laerezh 7, please feel free to let me know what you think about it in comments even if I made bad things in your opinion. Your feedbacks help me to improve myself as a videomaker :D

Thanks for watching and reading this, and do not forget to rate and subscribe please ♥

Soundtrack :

Cryptic - Mark Moore

Crushed - Parkway Drive

DeadDay - Wouter Landzaat

Scorched Earth - Cliff Lin

Remedy - Polaris

Times Change - WoD Soundtrack (by Blizzard)
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