TBC Beta Spoiler Part II by Venorize
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Movie Summary
This is the Sequal to the first video, TBC Beta Spoiler.

This movie is made for the same reason, to give something to those of you who sadly did not make closed-beta :( I made this video a bit longer so theres more to enjoy.

This video Includes:
- The Bone Wastes
- Terokkar Forest
- Amazing Items/Gear
- Nagrand Town Air Bombing
- Most of Nagrand
- Netherdrake Trainer
- The Forge Camp
- Increidble AoE Fight
- Hellfire Ramparts (Citidel) Bosses
- The Arena Battleground
- And more!!

I tried to keep the footage somewhat in-depth, without making it too long and drawn out, trying to keep room for other footage. I did my best, hopy you enjoy! This will be the last video until Blizzard's next beta release which will include new zones that didn't get released yet to us.

PS: Yes I remembered the songs in the credits! :).
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