WWI 3v3 Arena Tournament by Venorize
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Movie Summary
Blizzard's World Wide Invitational 2008

About The Video
This event is quickly and simply explained in the video, but basically it shows the 3 teams that played at the event on the first day.

SK Gaming
Made in Taiwan
Council of Mages

The first event is SK Gaming vs Made in Taiwan
The second event will have the winner from the first event vs Council of Mages.

I will not give any additional information yet because that would spoil it.

Once again we have these crazy announcers who don't know how to be quiet, but then again it does make the matches more interesting and sometimes more enjoyable to watch. Plus with the way blizzard broadcast it, the announcers actually help you to see what is going on.

Tournament Info:
Now, of course we all know this but just for the sake of those who don't;
The games are played best of 5 matches, this means that the first team to 3 matches moves on to the next round.

Video Quality:
Unlike the MLG Video, the quality won't be "good for a broadcast" - Blizzard apparently was having trouble with their computers and streams all day at the event, so although it will look a tiny bit crummy, at least blizzard got it working enough for us to see the event at all. (You'll hear announcers talk about problems and blizzard running in to try to fix it during the event). So yea, I did the best I could to bring the 3v3 play up to par with what everyone would want, but again I was limited by blizzard's quality (or lack there of).

Sound Quality:
The sound quality starts off for the first minute of the broadcast a bit rough and tweaky' - but I adjusted some settings and fixed it fairly quickly... Just bear with that first announcement scene with one of the announcers introducing the first two teams.

Live Streams & Downloads:
More mirrors will be up as soon as possible. Also Veoh Streaming mirror is uploading now.
Again though I HIGHLY RECOMMEND downloading it just to have the highest possible quality while watching the matches.

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