I Suck At Dueling 2 by Evertras
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Chromaggus ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
Welcome to the sequel! This time around I focused much more on editing, so this should be approximately 348134x easier on the eyes than the last.

These are average fights, and I am an average mage. What I do in these videos is stuff anyone can do easily themselves. The point of these videos is not to give specific strats, but instead to give a bit of inspiration to those that feel lacking in PvP. Think about your fights, don't accept defeat!

I changed up specs for this video, starting with 3 fights as full fire (17/41/3) and finishing up as an arena spec of full frost (17/0/44). Both of these can be considered PvE builds if you tweak them a bit, so hopefully this will help out you PvE mages a bit instead of showing "the ultimate duel spec." ;)

I also included one warrior duel, but it's me losing badly to demonstrate how a warrior can beat a mage. Enjoy, warriors!

There aren't many new classes/specs as compared to the original, but the fights are different enough due to the different specs I use. Chromaggus is sorely lacking in duelists these days, so I didn't get the classes I would have liked to. If I make a third, that will be my next focus (as compared to better editing for this version). If you're on Chromaggus and would like a duel, always feel free to send a tell!

Special thanks to Tosan for the thumbnail!

As a side note, I've seen a lot of people ask for similar videos done by other classes. I wholeheartedly encourage other people to make some vids! I'd love to see a rogue version, as I can't seem to play one for my life when I've tried. :D

The addon that shows the blue aura thing is called Power Auras. I totally recommend it, you can set it for any buff/debuff and any graphic!.
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