I Suck At PvP 2 by Evertras
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Daggerspine ( Cyclone )
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After a hideously long delay, welcome to the sequel! By an average mage, for average mages.

I'd like to say I was taking my time and perfecting the video, but honestly it was a combination of comp issues, personal issues, and general laziness with working with a computer that takes 5 minutes alone to start up. Still, I'm pretty happy with what turned out.

The footage in this video is mostly from late season 1 and a bit of season 2. This may seem old, but honestly, it's pretty much the same now for the average mage as it was then. My gear wasn't all that great (check out the crazy blue PvP shoulders), though that just makes it a bit trickier for me to win.

A lot of people have requested warlock duels. I included both a gladiator affliction warlock and a geared SL/SL lock with 12k+ hp. I will say right now that I do not expect to win against most SL/SL locks, but I will also say right now that it is NOT a fight that is impossible. Remember, there's always a way if you never give up!

There's also two 5v5 fights. 5v5 can be chaotic and confusing for mages, who usually end up in a dual role of needing to CC and put out solid burst DPS. Hopefully this will give new mages a solid enough framework to explore their own roles in their teams.

For more info, check out my website here where you can find mods, macros, and more for mage PvP.

I now have a computer that can render 60 fps full resolution fraps, which makes me very happy. What this means for future vids I can't say yet, but I do want to do something else at some point, and I want it to be a lot higher quality than I've done before. We'll see.

Anyway, enjoy!.
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