I Suck At Dueling 3 by Evertras
Class: Mage | Category: How To/Guides | Server : US - Chromaggus ( Vengeance )
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Movie Summary
Welcome to the end of the trilogy!

This is a duel video where I break down my fights and explain what's going through my head, point out mistakes I make, and suggest what I could do better. The point of this movie is not to give specific strategies, but rather to show you a way to think about your own fights to improve yourself.

I am an average mage, and these are average fights. If you're a WTFBBBQPWN mage, you won't learn anything new. If you're having trouble in PvP, though, take a look! I assure you, anything I can do you can do too. Don't give up!

I once again changed specs, this time going for 33/0/28: Arcane Frost. This means I've basically covered all specs (besides arc/fire or full arc) in these three movies. I also found different classes this time. Mage fights abound, and I even found a pally and some warlocks. If you want to see duels against other classes, check out the previous movies.

The blue bars you'll see often indicate a Clearcast proc. This is done by a mod called Power Auras. I also have it set for Focus gem procs and freezes, as you'll see.

There were suggestions for voice narration, but after asking around and doing a few tests I decided it just wouldn't work. You're all spared my horrible voice. I stuck with the same style as last time, and tried to keep it simple, clean, and straightforward for you guys.

If I do any more movies, I don't think it'll involve duels (or focus on them at least) unless someone can convince me that it wouldn't be more of the same. You might see a "I Suck At BGs" sometime though...


Special bonus feature for the masochistic among you: Caramel Hunter Dance.
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