Mage Style by Venorize
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Anetheron ( Stormstrike )
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Note: I recommend the Filefront LiveStream over the google one, it is a bit higher quality. Also for the download, it's faster. If you want speed, do live stream, if you want Video Quality, download it.

This is my next PvP Video, Mage Style. I tryed to use all styles of everything I could, as well as get a wide variety of music to appeal to more of the audience. This video's intent is not to show 10k crits or kill 35 alliance in 6 seconds flat, but to show a well played mage having more fun than most of WoW these days. Mages are the funnest class to play, and I do my best to show that in this video.

I hope you enjoy!

Soundtrack: I know a lot of the music I use is music you could never just find anywhere, some of it even impossible to buy.... so I put the songs in a soundtrack .zip - which you can now download if you care at all about the music. Hopefully this keeps down the messages to me "can you send me this song!" lol :P

PS: Sorry I don't have a $4,000 computer, so the quality is good, but dont perfect quality like wow being up on your screen, and don't expect to read the chat logs, thats not the point of the video. :P.
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