S. Digital Warrior True Breed by sonydigital
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone just finished making my 2nd pvp video, I would have like to
released this movie a bit sooner so my apologies.. did what I could. Anyways
unlike my first movie which was basically all duels I wanted to change it up a


BG clips

1v3 Rated Arena


2v2 Arena ( 2 warriors) Rated 2,000- 2100

Now regarding the battleground clips, as many know it's really hard to find
clips where you meet up with say 2 geared/skilled players who know whats going
on... but I did choose to include clips where I thought I played fairly well in
each particular fight and no matter if I won or lost if I felt it was a half
decent clip that showed what a warrior should/could do in that situation, I put
it in. I did not include any 1v1 clips they are all 1v X

Regarding the 1v3 rated arenas, the fights I won were against undergeared people
even so, it is AMAZINGLY difficult more so for a warrior (no cc QQ + we no
longer have bugged commanding shout / enrage + DW stack) to defeat 3 people in
an arena who are expecting you as opposed to 3 people in a BG who are not an
organized group regardless of gear. I'm sorry if featuring this is bad but
honostly if I were to do a 1v3 arena against Glad/geared people it would be a
slaughter. I just thought it would be something new for a warrior to do as most
wars do 1v2 arena.

Well I hope you guys enjoy this video I did the best I could with it, and I will
say the editing is MUCH better than my first one which had basically no editing
heh.. but ya enjoy.

P.s. I wanna thank those who took their time and grouped with me so I could Que
for the 1v3's I really appriciate it.
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