SonyDigital 4 - Last Generation by sonydigital
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Cho'gall ( Rampage )
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Hey everyone, I'm really happy to present Sonydigital 4 after a break from season 4 and with the launch of Wotlk. For those of you who have seen my other videos you know that I am not the godlike editor as some of these other people on WCM however I do feel that Sonydigital 4 is my best work to date in that aspect. I hope however that you as viewers will look past that and watch for the content in this movie. As with all of my vid's what I try to bring to the table is a new perspective and playstyle for the warrior class, I think that for me at least anticipation when it comes to our class, plays a massive roll in how well we succeed in any given circumstance and I hope you will see what I mean when watching this video. I really had a great time making it and I want to thank everyone who participated in its production and just those that have been there with me through the process. I filmed this entire movie in wrath so the pvp included is all from the 70-80 grind. Another thing I wanted to mention is for this movie in particular I really tried messing around with all of my trinkets such as argent dawn trinkets and my shadow reflector, which ended up giving me some cool footage ALSO I filmed half of this movie on chogall but then ended up xfering to mugthol because there was absolutely NO alliance left on chogall and I wanted to finish my video in time. Well enough ranting for me, I hope you all enjoy this move as much as I had making it.

My new name is Sonydigitalz on server mugthol (someone took my original name = / )
armory link -

Disclaimer - If you do not like the music selection featured please mute it and turn on your own. Thx.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DOWNLOADING THIS MOVIE! (The quality and overall experience of the video is just different)

- Sonydigital vs Neilyo (series ended 3-3)
- 1v1
- 1v2
- 1vX
- World PvP
- 70-80 pvp

Track List
- Disarmonia Mundi - Resurrection Code
- Soilwork - Weapon of Vanity
- Sade - Smooth Operater
- Coldseed - Democracy Lesson
- Darkseed - Next to Nothing
- Dr. Dre - Forgot about Dre

Worms I forgot you in credits =( sorry bro.
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