SonyDigital 3 - The Rebirth by sonydigital
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Detheroc ( Shadowburn )
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(Thankyou to whoever uploaded it)

Hey guys, well after a really long break from Sonydigital 2 I finally finished my 3'rd movie. Personally I'm happy with how it turned out but again thats only my opinion, I just want to thank everyone who participated in helping me make this video especially my 3v3 team. While warriors certainly cannot pull off the 1v4's as easily as say frost mages can (and I'm sure all good ones have clips like this in their videos) I feel that if played right warriors can be viable in multi opponent situations, and not only that but come out on top. As always, I try to depict clips in my video that push the warrior class to utilize all of their given abilities in a solo situation to the maximum, one thing (and this will be my last schpeel) is that for the warrior class Anticipation is huge, it can make a fight go bad or good depending on how well you can observe your surroundings and react to them, hopefully you see what I mean when watching my video and I really hope you like it.

Sonydigital 3 Will be my last movie for now, I plan on making a Wrath of The Lich King Beta pvp video 70-80 grind when the testing for it comes out of its Alpha stage, other than that there will probably be movies in the future but no plans on any for Season 4.

Again I hope you guys enjoy this movie, Download it for the best quality as we all know streams leave much to be desired, and thankyou for watching ^^

Featured in this movie:

- 1 v X fights
- Bg's
- World PvP (mainly on the Isle of Quel)
- Undergeared people (to find exceptional clips with equally geared players say 5/5 vengeful is impossible so I hope you can look past that)
- 3v3 clips against top teams on the ATR
and EmoLOL - #1 RMP in the world.
- NOOB TRACKER version 5.0 =)
- Comedy
- skin change to HWL gear for a few clips (miss the old days =(

Track List: (End Credits of the movie).
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