Last Resort Vs. The Eredar Twins by Kerp
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Boulderfist ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce...
Multiple Audio Tracks!

This is our first movie with this new feature. You can now choose different audio tracks if you download the movie! The stream will use the audio track called 1. Kerp (Default).
IMPORTANT: If you don't have any plugins, open it with VLC( Otherwise it will play all the tracks at the same time. To change track in VLC, go to Audio -> Audio Track or Right Click -> Audio Track.
For more information about Multiple Audio Tracks and how to get it to work with VLC and Windows Media Player, please visit:

The Eredar Twins are the 4th boss encounter in Sunwell and they haven't been able to kill until this week due to a closed gate. Unfortunately, Mop forget to fraps the fight. This means we're back to 3 different PoVs. I think it can be intereseting anyway since we get to see Dyre warlock-tanking one of the twins. Also thumbs up for Naturen, who changed his UI to a modified version of the quite awesome Caith UI(prepare for people spamming you day and night).

The Fight:
The Eredar Twins consists of one Warlock and one Rogue. The Warlock uses only ranged fire abilities while the Rogue has both a regular physical attack and several shadow abilities. When one of the twins is killed the remaining one gains some of the others abilities. The encounter is complex and heavily affected by the tactics used to take them down.

Editor: Kerp
Points of Views: Naturen (Mage), Affenkatzen (Shaman), Dyre (Warlock)

Audio Track 1 - Kerp (Default):
# The Almost - Say this sooner
# ATB - Circular Symetry
# The Almost - Amazing Because It Is (Outro song for every track)

Audio Track 2 - Ventrilo Only:
# Halo 3 - This is Our Land
# ATB - Circular Symetry

Audio Track 3 - Trance/Techno
# Neon Lights and Masif DJ's - Cafe del mar d10 mix

Audio Track 4 - Metal
# Opeth - Demon of the fall

Audio Track 5 - Hip-hop
# Murphy Lee - What The Hook Gonna Be
# T.I. - What you know

Audio Track 6 - Indie
# Bloc Party - Blue Light
# Bloc Party - Like Eating Glass

So once again, if you DON'T have any plugins installed, open the movie with VLC player( Otherwise all the tracks will be played at the same time.
Multiple Audio Tracks FAQ: .
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