Last Resort Vs. M'uru by Kerp
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Boulderfist ( Misery )
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Once again Multiple Audio Tracks added, for more information about how to get it to work with VLC and Windows Media Player, please visit:

After some slacking, the fifth boss in Sunwell finally died, by far the hardest one in the whole zone. Different audio tracks available once again but I don't recommend you to listen to the 2. Ventrilo only since it's almost quiet all the time until phase 2 starts. I also decided to remove the hiphop and indie tracks, whine you want to see them back in the KJ movie!

The Fight: Phase one is all about controlling adds (humanoids and sentinels) that spawn while you slowly dps down M'uru who just stands in the middle of the room. The transition to the second phase, when M'uru dies and Entropius spawns, has to be flawless. Entropius is tank and spank with crazy raidwide damage, basically kill or be killed. There is also some minor annoyances in p2 like a black hole (referred to as a ball on vent) that moves around in the room tossing people around dealing dmg and small void zones (baby darkness) that spawn all over the room together with a Dark Fiend that has to be dispelled right away.

Editor: Kerp
Points of Views: Naturen (Mage), Affenkatzen (Shaman), Nattu (Warlock)

Audio Track 1 - Kerp (Default):
- Linkin Park - Given Up
- Enter Shikari - Sorry, You're Not A Winner
- Red - Breathe Into Me
- Halo 3 - Greatest Journey (with vent)
- Thriving Ivory - Hey Lady (Outro song for every track)

Audio Track 2 - Ventrilo Only:
- Halo 3 - Greatest Journey
- Halo 3 - Greatest Journey

Audio Track 3 - Trance/Techno
- Lautsprecher - Omnibus

Audio Track 4 - Metal
- Killswitch Engage - My Curse
- Sonic Syndicate - Aftermath

So once again, if you DON'T have any plugins installed, open the movie with VLC player( Otherwise all the tracks will be played at the same time.
Multiple Audio Tracks FAQ: .
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