Last Resort Vs. Kil'Jaeden by Kerp
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Boulderfist ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Hey everyone, sorry for the delay! This movie should have been up a week ago but I haven't been able to edit it since I've been in Greece and when I got home I had to attend to a prom. Unfortunately this also means that I haven't had time to spice up the intro etc like I use to do with the final bosses. What makes this movie worth watching should be all the audio tracks. I know people appreciate the ventrilo track and it's pretty filled with action this time. We also have two new genres, Old-School Metal and Gregorian Trance/Techno, make sure you check them out. Thanks to Beherit (aka Triumphant) for helping me with the metal one and Nopher for the Gregorian one. This was the final Sunwell movie and my job is finished for this time. I hope you've enjoyed my movies!

Multiple Audio Tracks are added, for more information about how to get it to work with VLC and Windows Media Player, please visit:
If you don't have any plugins, all tracks will be played at the same time.

I have once again added the local band from here, Adventures Fail, as the first track. Would be awesome if you guys could visit their myspace to increase their site views, helps them a lot!

The Fight: WoWWiki

Editor: Kerp
Points of Views:
- Naturen (Mage)
- Affenkatzen (Shaman)
- Nattu (Warlock)

Audio Track 1 - Kerp (Default):
# Adventures Fail - Tear Me Open
# Rise Against - The Good Left Undone
# Hans Zimmer - I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time (with ventrilo)
# Takida - Curley Sue(Outro song for every track)

Audio Track 2 - Ventrilo Only:
# Hans Zimmer - I Don't Think Now Is The Best Time

Audio Track 3 - Standard Trance/Techno
# Svenson & Gielen - We Know What You Did
# Sunny Lax - Blue Bird (Daniel Kandi Remix)

Audio Track 4 - Gregorian Trance/Techno
# E Nomine - Das Testament
# E Nomine - Psalm 23 (Club mix)

Audio Track 5 - Metal
# In Flames - Alias
# Dark Tranquility - Static
# Sonic Syndicate - Jailbreak

Audio Track 6 - Old School Metal
# Whiplash - Power Thrashing Death
# Slayer - Chemical Warfare

Audio Track 7 - Indie
# Bloc Party - Flux
# The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement
# The Pigeon Detectives - This Is An Emergency

Audio Track 8 - Hip-hop
# Lil Wayne (featuring Static Major) - Lollipop
# Ray J (featuring Yung Berg) - Sexy Can I
# Eminem - Lose Yourself

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