Solo: Lich King 25 heroic by Gektar
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ragnaros ( Rampage )
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Finally soloed him. Now i can farm the mount - Invincible.

i was trying him for so long time but always hit enrage timer. 2 weeks ago i got more gear and finally did him. Vengeance is crap in fights like this its really you cant stack it unless you eat Infest, i had max 20k in phase 1 in phase 3 it was 5k. I used Heart of the wild so i could push max dps.

Oblivion (The Movie) Soundtrack
Audiomachine - Epica
Jack Trammell - The Reckoning
Veigar Margeirsson - Impending Fate
Two Steps From Hell - Ironheart
Patrick Doyle - Banishment
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