Solo: Gunship Battle 25 Heroic by Gektar
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ragnaros ( Rampage )
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Took me some time to get this done. The thing about this is the more faster adds die the more time you has for the ship to damage it. Never shoot on Riflemen because if you will shot they will start to throw Burning Pitch and it will hurt a lot to ship. Always interrupt their Burning Pitch. I could have used Disorienting Roar instead of Mighty Bash.
Also i charged 2 cannons before i started encounter.

Priority: Marines, Sergeant (adds which spawn on your ship) first no matter what. Once they are on your ship kill as fast as possible do not let them cast Burning Pitch it hurts a lot to your ship
Sorcerer over Riflemen (i killed riflemen only when i had Berserk up because the longer you fight them the more damage your ship will take, that's why i just jump over and kill sorcerer after sorcerer is dead i jump back to my ship and riflemen loses all aggro. That's why i kill riflemen when i have all cooldowns up) But i had attempts where for some reason i jump back to my ship and they keep throwing Burning Pitch and that was a wipe because my ship was so damaged.
Ignore mortar soldiers.

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