Solo: Been waiting a long time for this [25] [LK25HC] by Gektar
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ragnaros ( Rampage )
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Achieved in 28/11/2013

I used treants from Force of Nauture talent, to make so that treants taunt the boss and i get the necrotic plague, because there need at-least 2 players to get necrotic plague. I was surprised when i saw that treant actually taunt the boss, because as i remember they can't taunt bosses.
So what i did was i summoned treant, got the necrotic plague on myself, waited till it ends/jumps on adds and started to kite, so that i don't get the plague again, because if I was too near the add with necrotic plague on then there was possibility that i would get plague again and 20 stacks of necrotic plague could pretty much 1 shot, so i had to be really careful (adds had to be near each other so the plague can jump to another add). After phase 1 the only thing that had left to do was to beat enrage timer.

Remember for achievement you have to watch stacks on adds not on Lich King!

Enjoy, subscribe if you liked and thanks for watching!

Immediate Music - Lacrimosa
Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart
Two Steps from Hell - El Dorado

I don't own this music. All music belongs to the original´╗┐ creators.
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