Solo: Halion 25 Heroic by Gektar
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ragnaros ( Rampage )
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The pink dragon goes down!

Anyway nothing special. Phase 1 and 2 as usual but in 3rd phase just have to stay in 1 realm twilight or physical and it's better to stay in twilight because in physical realm adds will spawn from every meteor and it will make things harder. The main thing about the fight is in 3rd phase to reach corporeality to 90%-100% and then burst him down. Starting phase 3 corporeality will be 50%, just keep dpsing him and wait for corporeality reaching 90%-100%. But over 50% every 10% of corporeality he will do more damage but also will take more damage and that is the reason why corporeality must reach 90%-100% to be able to get him down because "without pressure in both realms Halion begins to regenerate". Like i said every 10% he will hit harder and when corporeality is over 80% he will hit really hard that's why i used Nature's Vigil so i could easily out-heal the damage. If corporeality will drop under 50% he will hit less and will take less damage ( 50 % - normal damage done and damage taken). Also sometimes you will have to wipe and redo the fight just because sometimes corporeality doesn't go high it jumps around 40%-60%. Enjoy!

Praeco - The Final Clash
Two Steps From Hell - To Glory

I do not own the music of this video nor i am its owner. All this is made for fun!
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