Return of the Ashbringer by pykmi
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�The Lich King has awaken and now plans to erase Argent Dawn from the face of Azeroth. Only one weapon is powerful enough to stop him, but it was lost so long long ago��

After two and a half months of research, planning, frapsing and editing Return of the Ashbringer is finally ready. In short the film focuses on the quest Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, the events leading to it and guild Arctica's connection to all that. One of those events is the culling of Stratholme where Arthas sealed his path towards becoming the Lich King. I couldn�t resist adding that to my movie because now I could also add moments of my guild mates as younger selves in the past.

This movie tells some lore background about the Ashbringer but it is covered very briefly. There is only so much you can do with Wow�s own tools when frapsing. So that said I didn�t use any kind of model viewer or private server in the making of this movie. If you like to know more about the Ashbringer lore I would strongly suggest you watch Tales of the Past -series � the movie series that inspired me to make my own movie.

Voice is all Blizzard. I used only Wow�s own speeches and voice acting. And because there is no written dialogue either I could only tell the story in this one way. But I think it turned out all right. This is also the reason I had to use nametags in some of the scenes to help the viewer understand who is actually who. I know it�s gonna irritate some of you but it�s the way I chose to go with. With this type of storytelling I couldn�t explain everything in detail so that leaves room for your own interpretation. There is also some small inside stuff in the movie that you may or may not find if you have seen my previous movies.

The soundtrack I chose very carefully as always because I find it to be one of the most important aspects of experiencing a movie.


Serenity OST - David Newman - Serenity
Serenity OST - David Newman - Funeral / Rebuilding Serenity
Blood Diamond OST - James Newton Howard - G8 Conference
Kingdom of Heaven OST - Harry Gregson-Williams - Burning the Past (forgot to put in credits)
Serenity OST - David Newman - Mal Decides
Lord of the Rings OST - Howard Shore - The Fields of the Pelennor
Lord of the Rings OST - Howard Shore - Shelob�s Lair
Lord of the Rings OST - Howard Shore - Amon Hen
Blood Diamond OST - James Newton Howard - Your Mother Loves You
Serenity OST - David Newman - Escape
Serenity OST - David Newman - Jayne & Zoe / Final Battle
Serenity OST - David Newman - Prep for Flight
Serenity OST - David Newman - Truth / Mal�s Speech
Blood Diamond OST - James Newton Howard - Thought I�d Never Call?
Serenity OST - David Newman - End Credits


The movie is probably not for you if
- you find the DK intro boring or have seen it multiple times already
- you despise/hate wow lore
- you think this is only about action
- you don't like drama and find it boring
- you think this movie is going to bring something totally new and unique to the table

You will probably like this if
- you haven't seen or like to go back to the DK intro event (maybe the best ingame event created by blizzard)
- you find all wow lore related stuff fascinating
- you like drama and/or understand what drama is about
- you find great movie OSTs enjoyable (the tracks in the movie are one of my favourite ones)
- you like sad/touching endings

My previous movies:

25 - Sunwell Plateau

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UPDATE 19.7.2010: The sequel is coming soon.

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