Return of the Ashbringer 2 - Raiders of Northrend SNEAK PEAK by pykmi
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This sneak peek contains two totally different scenes. After watching them youíll get a rough idea what the movie is going to be about. The scenes arenít yet completely finished but I wanted to release something after 7 months of work. The total length of the finished movie is going to be around 45-60 minutes Ė maybe even more. I estimate the movie will be released early fall.

Return of the Ashbringer series started out as a guildmovie but quickly evolved to a larger project. These movies tell the story of the wow expansion Wrath of the Lich King from a guildís point of view. Some things in the Lich King storyline maybe a little different but Iím trying to keep it as true to the source material as I can. Although the name of the movie series is Return of the Ashbringer, the movies wonít focus on the Ashbringer. Of course he is part of the story but the main focus of these movies however is this one guild and the characters in it.

Length: 4min 14s

Warning: shirtless people may or may not hurt your eyes.

Voice actors in this sneak peek:

Edwyn Tiong
Mike Dunahee
Tori Kamal

To my other talented voice actors: Iím still waiting for a couple of voice actors to finish and send me their lines. Canít work till I get them :).
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