Return of the Ashbringer II - Raiders of Northrend by pykmi
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Movie Summary
A feature length machinima (85 min). A struggling guild tries to find its way in the world of Azeroth forever changed by the return of the Ashbringer.


This machinima:
-Is a sequel but having seen the prequel is not required to enjoy and understand this machinima
-Has a story set on the beginning of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion storyline
-Does not concentrate on telling the story of Tirion Fordring (the Ashbringer)
-Is not about huge epic battles. It's a journey machinima.
-Is more about the characters and drama, less about action
-Was recorded in 4:3 aspect ratio but looks better in 16:9

Background story:

The outcome of the battle for Light's Hope Chapel forced the Lich King to retreat back to his Icecrown Citadel in Northrend. Both the Alliance and the Horde have traveled to Northrend to bring an end to the Lich King and his undead Scourge. Many raiding guilds of both factions have joined the fight as well. But the newly created Argent Crusade, formed by the Ashbringer, is possible the greatest hope of achieving peace for the world of Azeroth.

Voice actors:

Jesse Cox (tales of the past), Mike Dunahee (tales of the past), Edwyng Tiong, Tori Kamal, the Mooing Druid, Juuso Pudas, Dylan Spencer and Kyle Cadow.


I started on the script in January 2010. When the script was ready I decided that I wanted to work with body actors. Hence no model viewer was used during the making of this machinima. I believe this made the actual frapsing part a bit easier and faster. However, I understood that without using the model viewer, the action scenes probably couldn't be as spectacular. I had to live with that decision and I hope you understand. With in-game frapsing, the idea was to finish the machinima fast and then make a sequel. But, that didn't work out so well after all.

So far I've invested roughly 12-17 months and at least 1000 hours of work in it. Over 700 GB of fraps files were produced during that time.

My earlier movies 25 - Sunwell Plateau and Return of the Ashbringer are included in this machinima's storyline. Don't forget to check them out.


"Raiders of Northrend" facebook page

"Arctica" homepage


UPDATE. Download link (5 parts):

UPDATE 30.05.11. If you get the 15min youtube stream version, change the stream to WCM stream from the stream mirrors box on the right.


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Azeroth Daily (youtube)

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