Trance 2 Preview - Priest Arena PvP by Trance
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Trance's Arena Team 1
Trancey Ladigaga
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Disclaimer: I don't do anything amazing in this video, it's mostly just for show and fun. I used to be an avid video maker at 60 and made one of the first arena videos ever (Trance 1 was the last video I made, at the beginning of Season One). Some of the editing is a little off and I wanted to include more fights against big named players but some of the clips weren't good for viewership.

I play Shadow in 2v2 with Ladigaga as Spriest/Rogue and Spriest/Druid with Hotspot, 3v3 as Shadowplay with Pyrilus and Sharpstorm, and Disc in 5s with my #1 5s team "TIK TOK ON THE CLOK" featuring Cirranis/Whiteshadowz/Shoewhistle(Crysalid)/Belligerentz/Soliduz/Literocola.

The main reason I wanted to publish this video was because of the awesome tune I found by Crookers - "Cooler Ceuler" (Junkie xl remix).

This PREVIEW video is only about 5 mins long, I have only streams available so if you'd like download(s) let me know and I'll upload a download link.

This is just a preview for my final video to be released at a further date.

I'm one of the leaders of Vicious Cycle, one of the best PvE to PvP guilds in the world. I'm also a co-editor of World Of Ming as well.

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