All-Star TR Dueling Tournament - All 2800+ Players by Trance
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Movie Summary
World of Ming presents a video of a Dueling Tournament hosted on the Blizzard Tournament Realm during S8. 16 of the Top Players from North America have been chosen to participate in a battle to see who the are the best duelers in North America.

All gear and DPS specs are allowed, players may choose to change talents and gear between duelers. No healing specs allowed.

This is the video from the Group Play round of the tournament, I experimented with a several methods of filming it while organizing the event.

- The duels were placed in chronological order of when they were fought.
- This is a pure dueling video, filmed from a 3rd point perspective.
- I will try taking your feedback into creating a better video later on.
- The footage was filmed between 5/7/2010 - 5/11/2010

Many of the duelers selected for this tournament are known movie makers and legends in the dueling community, please take a look!

WoM Dueling Tournament Challengers:

Azael from Team EG
Snutz from Complexity Red
Venruki from Complexity Red
Flexx from Complexity Black
Talbadar - 2900+ Rated Shadow Priest
Litreocola - Furious Gladiator Rogue
Rooftrellen - Relentless Gladiator Druid
Abni - Relentless Gladiator Mage
Cirranis - Deadlay/Furious Gladiator Elemental Shaman
Azwratihz - 2800+ Rated Hunter
Loincloth - Relentless Gladiator Hunter
Spoh - Merciless Gladiator Druid
Pyrilus - Brutal Gladiator Warlock
Eraseasaurus - Frost Mage
Killercheebo - Death Knight
Emcl - Enhance Shaman

If you're looking for the song list:

Tournament Brackets:

For all PvP-related content, visit:

This video was inspired and made by the previous dueling videos that Ming made for the PTRs of old.
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