Team Eminence 3 - STV/DM 5vs5s Ft. Nurfed & Insurrection by Trance
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
*This footage is from 1.9, around Oct/Nov*

3rd video in a series of group pvp vids by Team Eminence of Blackrock(US).

Team Eminence does a few STV and DM arena 5 vs 5 fights vs Nurfed(Blackrock) and including an organized 5 vs 5 fight in WSG vs Insurrection(Tichondrius).

All these fights take place on Blackrock(US) Server and in the Infamous PvP Battlegroup - Bloodlust(Formally BG9)

Eminence of Blackrock PvP team partiscipates in a
PvP league from the most competitive Battlegroup on North American servers, Battlegroup Bloodlust/9. for more info.
#battlegroup9 @

Features PoV from Panda(Priest), Medic(Priest) and Nui(Druid) in Emi's 5man squads. As well as some fight angles from Vhell and Nazal of Nurfed.

These are all scrimmage fights, none of them are anything more then PvP. I tried to do my best to display some of the fights through mind vision that I didn't partake in myself, so bare with the angle that it's from a spectator's point of view.

A Perfect Circle - Passive
Finch - Three Simple Words
Incubus - Dig

#eminence @

This vid was made with:
Fraps, Sony Vegas 6, Adobe Photoshop and Warcraft Model Viewer.

Nurfed, Trinket Menu, Hitsmode, Itemrack, CTmod, eCasting Bar

3:10 - it's Hoodwink, Not Drakon for Emi
6:32 - Spelt Opponents not Opponants
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